Tanya Darling Contract  
Agency: Viviflash Studios, Bedford, NH  
Purchaser Contact:  
Performance Location:  
Length of Performance:  
Price Agreed Upon:  
Additional Hospitality: Tanya Darling would like someone to meet her upon arrival at the school.  
Stage and Sound: The purchaser will provide a stage. Tanya will provide a keyboard if there is no piano.  
Lodging Requirements (optional):  
Maps: Please send a map to gigs@tanyadarling.com. Include directions to the college and to the hotel if you are providing accommodations.  
Right to Terminate: The artist has the right to cancel this performance up to 30 days before the date. After the 30 day period, termination can only occur due to severe weather, illness, or other acts of God.  
Payment: Payment will occur for the full amount immediately after the performance. The payment must be in the form of a university check, company check. certified check or cash. Please make checks out to Tanya Darling.  
Artist: Tanya Darling  
School Representative:    
Signature (if printing):