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  The Summer Swiss Tour 1998

Tanya Darling spent July and August of 1998 singing in and around Geneva, Switzerland. She was joined by drummer, Tobi May, guitarist, Chris Drew, and bass player, Bruce Wilkes.

Her first performance in Switzerland was at the Fétes de Geneve, which is an exciting outdoor festival very similar to USA's 4th of July. It's the only time you'll ever see any garbage on the streets in Geneva.

The performance was quite memorable. The crowd went crazy over this spunky American girl, and didn't let her leave the stage until 2 am! The audience's favorite song was, I'VE HAD A LONG DAY. Tobi and Chris are featured playing guitar in this live recording from Tanya Darling Live!.

Tanya also appeared at clubs like Mr. Picwick's on rue de Lausanne, and the grungy, artsy club, The Pygmee.

Occasionaly, Tanya Darling appeared with singer/songwrter Sara Wheeler. They sang in the alps (and rediscovered yogurt) together. Everyone agreed, it was one heck of a rockin' summer!

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